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TOR-LDV Project

Development of a new methodology to measure dynamic torque by optical means to be applied in power transmission machines and systems (TOR-LDV)

TOR-LDV Project


  • Capital goods sector
  • Wind mill generation sector
  • Optical metrology sector


1.400.000 €


R&D Projects


January 2009 / December 2011


The main objective of the TOR-LDV Project is to develop a new contactless methodology to measure a dynamic torque, based on the Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) to be applied in the design and testing of power transmission rotary machines and systems.

The Project focuses on the mechanical torque assessment, providing a tool for the design of the above mentioned equipments.

The Project points particularly to the assessment of loads in the wind mill design and certification stages, looking to reduce the high development costs of this kind of equipment.

The Project faces different aspects related to its main goal:

  • Power transmission defects pathology and its early detection.
  • The impact in the machine of network disturbances.
  • Reduction of torque oscillations by means of the introduction of an artificial damping through the control systems.



  • Testing bench deveopment.
  • Measuring system development and tunning.
  • Validation of real environments measuring tools.



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