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Industrial Transformation Cluster


Cluster mission: To promote, give support and enhance associated companies to their industrial transformation mainly focused on digitalization (industry 4.0) and circular economy

Participation objectives: participation in Innosup 1-2016/2017 call, involving our companies in the needed activities related to ‚Äúindustrial transformation‚ÄĚ oriented to Industry 4.0, Digitalisation and Circular economy-Energy Efficiency, Eco industries – new materials and new business models. The mains sectors of our associated companies are: Agri-food, Automotive, industrial manufacturing machinery, Printing industry, paper and cardboard, Metallurgical industries, Plastic and chemical industries, ICT and logistics services, Construction. We would like to be involved in cross sectoral workshops and innovation support.

Cluster figures represents from the total industrial sector in Navarra: 3% of the total Navarre industries, 44% revenue, 36% employment, 13,50% Navarra GDP.

The cluster is recognized by the Minister of Industry, Economy and Competitiveness of Spain as, Innovative Entrepreneurial Association (AEI), and we belong to the ECCP.

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