EDS-CUT Electro Discharge Sintering of Cutting Tools



Background and characteristics:

Hard, tough and everlasting tools are the dream of all machining works. An increase in hardness and toughness for continuously demanding applications and machining of complex, abrasive or peculiarly tough materials is constantly required by the competitive international market. The recent introduction of low quality tools from the asian markets with an infinitesimal costs compared to european and north-american producers has increased competitiveness and demand of higher performances. A reply from high tech countries and especially Europe, world center of machining operations, with a technological break-through could change the market trends. This break-through can come from nano-crystalline materials. Commercial tools have physical limits given by the processing technologies employed. Liquid phase sintering is substantially the only choice of densification adopted by producers world-wide. Unlike traditional means EPoS’ EDS technology  has the peculiarity of sintering without liquid metal, by using physics in a different way compared to traditional processes and enhancing solid state diffusion and plasticity. By researching on the compositions, microstructures and processing characteristics of this innovative process a new class of cutting tools is expected.


The Project aim is to develop a new class of sintered cutting tools through the optimization and industrialization of materials and moulds for the production of complex shape cutting tools with an innovative electro-discharge sintering process.

AIN_tech, Surface Engineering

Project coordinator partner:
EPoS S.r.l.

Project partners:

Febametal S.r.l , SEMIC S.A., Kendu S.A. y AIN_tech

Subcontracted centres:
Inasmet (KENDU) y CNR – Istec (EPos S.r.l.).

Gobierno de Piedmonte (EPos S.r.l . y Febametal)
Gobierno de Navarra (SEMIC y AIN_tech)
Gobierno Vasco (KENDU)

Execution period:
2011 – 2013

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