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  • A Czech company is looking for producers and suppliers intending to enter the Czech market with their B2B products under joint venture agreement.

A Czech company is offering its B2B marketing and sales skills to foreign companies intending to enter the Czech market with their B2B products. The Czech company intends to operate under a joint venture agreement on the principle of combining resources of both parties.

Reference: BRCZ20200610002


  • Albanian company is looking for producer/supplier of nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

An Albanian company operates in agricultural market from 1994 and located in Tirane, having as main activity the import-export of raw materials and seeds, is looking for partners under distribution services agreement. The potential partner should be able to provide a wide range of products used in food industry such as: nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

Reference: BOAL20190710002


  • SME from Sweden is looking for manufacturer of solar panels using thin film technology

A Swedish small SME in the construction sector with innovative products is looking for a supplier of thin film solar panels. The solar panels should be produced according to European/Swedish regulations and fulfil the corresponding requirements, with sizes LxW= minimum 3m x 0,42m, using thin film technology. Longer lengths are preferred. The SME is looking for a manufacturing agreement.

Reference: BRSE20201103001


  • Italian distributor is looking for disposable, wearable or implantable medical devices for the Italian market.

This Italian company has more than 30 years experience as a distributor for medical devices. Its main clients are public national hospitals and private clinics with a solid relationship with medical professionals. It is looking for industries producing disposable, implantable, wearable, and portable CE marked medical devices. It offers its distribution services to partners abroad for the Italian market.

Reference: BRIT20200128001


  • Qatari based medical devices trading company is looking to distribute innovative medical devices.

This Qatari-based trade firm for medical instruments currently works in the following areas: surgery, anaesthesia, Ob / Gyn (obstetrics and gynaecology) paediatrics, prevention of diseases, protection of the environment & consumables. The company is looking to expand its established medical devices dealership portfolio in Qatar. A cooperation based on the distribution service agreement is considered.

Reference: BRQA20200426001

  • German company offers representation and distribution for electronic and electromechanical components and assemblies

A northern German SME is a well-established representative and distributor of active and passive electronic components as well as electromechanical components and assemblies to a diversity of industries. To complement the portfolio, the company is offering cooperation in form of commercial agency and distribution services agreements covering the northern half of Germany to producers of electronic components such as sensors, magnets, relays, clamps, switches and fuses.

Reference: BRDE20201124002


  • An appliances repair and maintenance specialist from Martinique is looking for an appliance parts distributor to form a supplier agreement.

The Martinican company specialises in restoring, repairing, reconditioning and renting household appliances with the aim of encouraging customers to recycle or repair Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE). In order to extend its range of services, the company is looking for an appliance parts wholesaler interested in becoming a long-term supplier under a supplier agreement.

Reference: BRFR20201106001


  • German company looking for European suppliers of plant and air handling components

A German company with a rather long tradition in planning, manufacturing and maintenance of plant components used for collecting, conveying and filtering air, vapours, gases, dusts and airborne solids is looking for suppliers of machine parts, air handling components and system parts from all over Europe and Turkey, working under supplier agreement. Service Agreement and subcontracting may also be considered.

Reference: BRDE20200605001


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